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Original Research Articles

Zhou J, Wang X, He K, Charron J F, Elling A A, Deng XW

Genome-wide profiling of histone H3 lysine 9 acetylation and dimethylation in Arabidopsis reveals correlation between multiple histone marks and gene expression

Plant Molecular Biology, doi:10.1007/s11103-009-9594-7, 2010 Jan. 7 Article

Zhao Q, Wang J, Zhang Y, Kou Z, Liu S, Gao S

Generation of Histocompatible Androgenetic Embryonic Stem Cells Using Spermatogenic Cells

Stem Cells, 2009 Oct. 18 Article

Wu L, Zhang Q, Zhou H, Ni F, Wu X, and Qi Y 

Rice microRNA effector complexes and targets 

The Plant Cell, doi/10.1105/tpc.109.070938, 2009 Nov. 10, Article

Zou W, Lu Q, Zhao D, Li W, Mapes J, Xie Y, Wang X

Caenorhabditis elegans Myotubularin MTM-1 Negatively Regulates the Engulfment of Apoptotic Cells

PLoS Genetics, doi:10.1371/journal.pgen, 2009 Oct. 9, Article

Paroo Z, Ye X, Chen C, and Liu Q

Phosphorylation of the Human MicroRNA-Generating Complex Mediates MAPK/Erk Signaling

Cell, DOI 10.1016/j.cell.2009.06.044, 2009 Oct. 2, Article

Lin G, Xu N, and Rongwen Xi

Paracrine Unpaired Signaling through the JAK/STAT Pathway Controls Self-renewal and Lineage Differentiation of Drosophila Intestinal Stem Cells

Journal of Molecular Cell Biology doi:10.1093/jmcb/mjp028, 2009 Sep. 30, [Epub ahead of print] Article

Chen Y, Yang Z, Meng M, Zhao Y, Dong N, Yan H, Liu L Ding M, Peng H.B, and Shao F

Cullin Mediates Degradation of RhoA through Evolutionarily Conserved BTB Adaptors to Control Actin Cytoskeleton Structure and Cell Movement

Molecular Cell, 2009 Sep. 24, 35: 841–855, Article

Chen H, Xue L, Chintamanani S, Germain H, Lin H, Cui H, Cai R, Zuo J, Tang X, Li X, Guo H,and Zhou JM

ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE3 and ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE3-LIKE1 Repress SALICYLIC ACID INDUCTION DEFICIENT2 Expression to Negatively Regulate Plant Innate Immunity in Arabidopsis.

The Plant Cell, 2009 Aug. 29, [Epub ahead of print] Article

Wang F, Zhu D, Huang X, Li S, Gong Y, Yao Q, Fu X, Fan L,and Deng XW

Biochemical Insights on Degradation of Arabidopsis DELLA Proteins Gained From A Cell-free Assay System

The Plant Cell, 2009 Aug. 28, [Epub ahead of print] Article

Wang J, Zhang M, Zhang Y, Kou Z, Han Z, Sun Q, Gao S and Chen D

The Histone Demethylase JMJD2C Is Stage-Specifically Expressed in Preimplantation Mouse Embryos and Is Required for Embryonic Development

Biology of Reproduction, 2009 Aug. 19 Article

Wang Y, Jiang Y, Liu S, Sun X and Gao S

Generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from human b-thalassemia fibroblast cells

Cell Researchdoi: 10.1038/cr.2009.100, 2009 Aug.18 Article

Ye K, Jia R, Lin J, Ju M, Peng J, Xu A, and Zhang L

Structural organization of box C/D RNA-guided RNA methyltransferase

PNAS, doi_10.1073_pnas.0905128106, 2009 Aug. 5 Article

Ge J, Xu H, Li T, Zhou Y, Zhang Z, Li S, Liu L, and Shao F

A Legionella type IV effector activates the NF-κB pathway by phosphorylating the IκB family of inhibitors

PNAS, doi_10.1073_pnas.0907200106, 2009 Aug. 3 Article

Gao M, Wang X, Wang D, Xu F, Ding X, Zhang Z, Bi D, Cheng Y T, Chen S, Li X, and Zhang Y

Regulation of Cell Death and Innate Immunity by Two Receptor-like Kinases in Arabidopsis

Cell Host & Microbe, DOI 10.1016/j.chom.2009.05.019, 2009 Jul. 23 Article

Kang L, Wang J, Yu Zhang, Kou Z, and Gao S

iPS Cells Can Support Full-Term Development of Tetraploid Blastocyst-Complemented Embryos

Cell Stem Cell, 2009 Jul. 23 [Epub ahead of print] Article

Huang Z, Sutton S E, Wallenfang A J, Orchard R C, Wu X, Feng Y, Chai J and Alto N M

Structural insights into host GTPase isoform selection by a family of bacterial GEF mimics

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 2009 Jul.21 Article

Huang X, Tian E, Xu Y, Zhang H

The C. elegans engrailed homolog ceh-16 regulates the self-renewal expansion division of stem cell-like seam cells

Developmental Biology, doi:10.1016/j.ydbio.2009.07.005, 2009 Jul. 14 Article

Zhang M, Wang F, Kou Z, Zhang Y and Gao S

Defective Chromatin Structure in Somatic Cell Cloned Mouse Embryos

Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2009 Jul.14 [Epub ahead of print] Article

Li W, Zou W, Zhao D, Yan J, Zhu Z, Lu J and Wang X

C. elegans Rab GTPase activating protein TBC-2 promotes cell corpse degradation by regulating the small GTPase RAB-5

Development, 2009 Jun.23 Article

Dong J, Xiao F, Fan F, Gu L, Cang H, Martin GB, and Chai J

Crystal Structure of the Complex between Pseudomonas Effector AvrPtoB and the Tomato Pto Kinase Reveals Both a Shared and a Unique Interface Compared with AvrPto-Pto

Plant Cell, 2009 Jun. 9 Article

Xia D, Huang X and Zhang H

The temporally regulated transcription factor SEL-7 controls developmental timing in C. elegans

Developmental Biology, 2009 Jun. 3 Article

Yuan W, Xie J, Long C, Erdjument-Bromage H, Ding X, Zheng Y, Tempst P, Chen S, Zhu B, and Reinberg D

Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein L Is a Subunit of Human KMT3a/Set2 Complex Required for H3 Lys-36 Trimethylation Activity in Vivo

J. Biol. Chem., June 5, 2009, Vol. 284, Issue 23, 15701-15707. [Epub ahead of print] Article

He S, Wang L, Miao L, Wang T, Du F, Zhao L, and Wang X

Receptor Interacting Protein Kinase-3 Determines Cellular Necrotic Response to TNF-a

Cell, 2009 Jun 12 Article

Duan J, Li L, Lu J, Wang W, and Ye K

Structural Mechanism of Substrate RNA Recruitment in H/ACA RNA-Guided Pseudouridine Synthase

Molecular Cell, 2009 May 29 Article

Lin H, Yang Y, Quan R, Mendoza I, Wu Y, Du W, Zhao S, Schumaker K.S, Pardo J.M, and Guo Y

Phosphorylation of SOS3-LIKE CALCIUM BINDING PROTEIN8 by SOS2 Protein Kinase Stabilizes Their Protein Complex and Regulates Salt Tolerance in Arabidopsis

Plant Cell, 2009 May 15 Article

Guo X and Gao S

Pins homolog LGN regulates meiotic spindle organization in mouse oocytes

Cell Research, 2009 May 12 Article

Qin C and Luo M

Neurochemical Phenotypes of the Afferent and Efferent Projections of the Mouse Medial Habenula

Neuroscience, 2009 May 1 Article

Ding J, Guo Y, Liu S, Yan Y, Chang G, Kou Z, Zhang Y, Jiang Y, He F, Gao S and Sang J

Embryonic stem cells derived from somatic cloned and fertilized blastocysts are post-transcriptionally indistinguishable: A MicroRNA and protein profile comparison

Proteomics, 2009 Apr. 22 Article

Fan S and Luo M

The Organization of Feedback Projections in a Pathway Important for Processing Pheromonal Signals

Neuroscience, 2009 Apr. 19 Article

Tian E, Wang F, Han J and Zhang H

epg-1 functions in autophagy-regulated processes and may encode a highly divergent Atg13 homolog in C. elegans Article

Autophagy, 2009 Apr. 16 Article

Zhao Y, Tian E and Zhang H

Selective autophagic degradation of maternally-loaded germline P granule components in somatic cells during C. elegans embryogenesis

Autophagy, 2009 Apr. 8 Article

Wang X, Elling AA, Li X, Li N, Peng Z, He G, Sun H, Qi Y, Liu XS, and Deng XW

Genome-Wide and Organ-Specific Landscapes of Epigenetic Modifications and Their Relationships to mRNA and Small RNA Transcriptomes in Maize

The Plant Cell, 2009 Apr. 17 [Epub ahead of print] Article

Yao Q, Cui J, Zhu Y, Wang G, Hu L, Long C, Cao R, Liu X, Huang N, Chen S, Liu L, and Shao F

A bacterial type III effector family uses the papain-like hydrolytic activity to arrest the host cell cycle

PNAS, 2009. Feb. 18, [Epub ahead of print] Article

Sun L, Wang H, Hu J, Han J, Matsunami H, and Luo M

Guanylyl cyclase-D in the olfactory CO2 neurons is activated by bicarbonate

PNAS, 2009 Jan. 30. [Epub ahead of print] Article

Zhang Y, Yan L, Zhou Z, Yang P, Tian E, Zhang K, Zhao Y, Li Z, Song B, Han J, Miao L, and Zhang H

SEPA-1 Mediates the Specific Recognition and Degradation of P Granule Components by Autophagy in C. elegans

Cell, DOI 10.1016/j.cell.2008.12.022. 2009 Jan. 23 Article





Cui H, Xiang T and Zhou JM

Plant immunity: a lesson from pathogenic bacterial effector proteins

Cellular Microbiology (2009) 11(10), 1453–1461 Article

Luo M, Sun L and Hu J

Neural detection of gases —carbon dioxide, oxygen —in vertebrates and invertebrates

Current Opinion in Neurobiology 2009, 19:354–361 Article