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Original Research Articles

Zhang Y, Cheng YT, Bi D, Palma K, and Li X.
MOS2, a Protein Containing G-Patch and KOW Motifs, Is Essential for Innate Immunity in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Current Biology, 2005;Vol. 15, 1936–1942. Article

Stolc V, Li L, Wang X, Li X, Su N,Tongprasit W, Han B, Xue Y, Li J, Snyder M, Gerstein M, Wang J and Deng XW.
A pilot study of transcription unit analysis in rice using oligonucleotide tiling-path microarray.
Plant Mol Bio. 2005; 59(1):137-149. Article

Ma L, Chen C, Liu XJiao Y, Su N, Li L, Wang X, Cao M, Sun N, Zhang X, Bao J, Li J, Pedersen S, Bolund L, Zhao H, Yuan L, Wong GKS, Wang J, Deng XW, Wang J.
A microarray analysis of the rice transcriptome and its comparison to Arabidopsis.
Genome Research. 2005; 15(9):1274-1283. Article

Li L, Wang X, Xia M, Stolc V, Su N, Peng Z, Li S, Wang J, Wang X, Deng XW.
Tiling microarray analysis of rice chromosome 10 to identify the transcriptome and relate its expression to chromosomal architecture.
Genome Biol. 2005; 6(6):R52. Article

Jiao Y, Jia P, Wang X, Su N, Yu S, Zhang D, Ma L, Feng Q, Jin Z, Li L, Xue Y, Cheng Z, Zhao H, Han B, Deng XW.
A Tiling Microarray Expression Analysis of Rice Chromosome 4 Suggests a Chromosome-Level Regulation of Transcription.
Plant Cell. 2005; 17(6):1641-57. Article

Li X, Lin H, Zhang W, Zou Y, Zhang J, Tang X, Zhou JM.
Flagellin induces innate immunity in nonhost interactions that is suppressed by Pseudomonas syringae effectors.
PNAS. 2005. Vol.102, No.36, 12990-12995. Article

Jiang H, Guo W, Liang X, Rao Y (2005).
Both the establishment and the maintenance of neuronal polarity require active mechanisms: Critical roles of GSK-3β and its upstream regulators.
Cell, 2005; Vol. 120, 123 -135, Article