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Original Research Articles

Lu S, Fan SB, Yang B, Li YX, Meng JM, Wu L, Li P, Zhang K, Zhang MJ, Fu Y, Luo J, Sun RX,He SM & Dong MQ

Mapping native disulfide bonds at a proteome scale

Nature Methods, doi:10.1038/nmeth.3283, Feb. 9, 2015 Article

Liu N, Zhang Z, Wu H, Jiang Y, Meng L, Xiong J, Zhao Z, Zhou X, Li J, Li H, Zheng Y, Chen S, Cai T, Gao S, and Zhou B

Recognition of H3K9 methylation by GLP is required for efficient establishment of H3K9 methylation, rapid target gene repression and mouse viability

Genes and Development, doi/10.1101/gad.254425.114, Jan. 30, 2015 Article

Zhao HQ, Zhang P, Gao H, He X, Dou Y, Huang AY, Liu X, Ye AY, Dong MQ, Wei L.

Profiling the RNA editomes of wild-type C. elegans and ADAR mutants.

Genome Res. doi:10.1101/gr.176107.114, Jan. 19, 2015 Article

Ning YQ, Ma ZY, Huang HW, Mo H, Zhao TT, Li L, Cai T, Chen S, Ma L and He XJ

Two novel NAC transcription factors regulate geneexpression and flowering time by associating with thehistone demethylase JMJ14

Nucleic Acids Research, doi: 10.1093/nar/gku1382, Jan. 10, 2015 Article