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The Set-up Of The Fourth Graduate Students Union

Publication Date:2014/12/03

The group photo of the members of the graduate students union(from left to right): Peiguo Yang, Haishan Gao, Zhixiong Zhou, Xiaojun Wang, Minghui He, Tingting Xiang(the president), Sihui Li, Shan Li, Xin Li

Tingting Xiang(the president)

2001.9-2005.6  Chinese Agriculture University, the bachelor degree

2005.9-        National Institute OF biological sciences, Beijing, Jianmin Zhou lab, doctor degree


Xiang T, Zong N, Zou Y, Wu Y, Zhang J, Xing W, Li Y, Tang X, Zhu L, Chai J, and Zhou JM.

Pseudomonas syringae Effector AvrPto Blocks Innate Immunity by Targeting Receptor Kinases.

Current Biology. 2008 Jan 8; 18(1):74-80. Epub 2007 Dec 27

Xin Li

Hobbies:eating delicious food,traveling all over the streets,listening to music and my favorite doing sport

Belief : God help those who help themselves

Peiguo Yang

ungergraduate:Beijing Normal University

graduate :Beijing Normal University

Hong Zhang lab

Hobbies:doing sports and watching movies

Zhixiong Zhou

2004-2007 undergraduate: Chinese Agriculture University

2007-now: trained by NIBS and Peking Union Medical School

Shan Li

Minghui He

Wuhan University


Xiaojun Wang

2003-2007 Peking University

2007- NIBS

My dream:do what I like and live independently

Sihui Li

undergraduate: Yantai University

graduate: Peking University

Hobbies: watching movies, read history, traveling