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The Eleventh Graduate Students Union

Publication Date:2015/03/26

The Eleventh Graduate Students Union

With the passing by of the year of 2014, we welcome a new vibrant 2015. In the warm spring season, a surge of new blood comes to NIBS and build up the eleventh graduate students union.

For the purposes of servicing all students, the eleventh graduate students union will strive to create a good learning, research and living environment and effectively safeguard the interests of students.

All members will union together and perform their own function to create a better environment for all the students.


The president: Xianing Zheng
The learning department:Liangyao Xiong, Bo Peng
The department of literature and art: Yongchao Han, Qiangqiang Zhao, Guangcan Shao

The sports department:  Yue Yuan, Yanjie Wang, Miaomiao He

The General Affair Department: Zhanchao Tao, Lemei Jia

Student's Elegant Appearance: