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Outstanding Student Award

NIBS Outstanding Graduate Student Awards In 2015

Publication Date:2016/02/05

    The Outstanding Graduate Student Awards are presented annually by the Graduate School of NIBS. This recognition is given to a graduate student who has: demonstrated excellence in conducting research in pursuit of an advanced degree; exhibited excellence in teaching as related to discipline area and research; demonstrated leadership and/or service to the department, college and/or university. The awardee list was published on the tenth anniversary of NIBS on August 12th 2015.

    Hongjuan Zhang     Liang Chen Lab

    Dan Zhao     Lilin Du Lab

    Weitao Wang     Lilin Du Lab

    Yu Tao     Shaorong Gao Lab

    Jun Chen     Shaorong Gao Lab

    Xiaojun Zhang     Xiaoguang Lei Lab

    Shaoqiang Yang     Xiaoguang Lei Lab

    Xiaohui Liu     Xiaoguang Lei Lab

    Zhenchao Hao     Wenhui Li Lab

    Juen Zhang     Minmin Luo Lab

    Yi Li     Minmin Luo Lab

    Daqing Wang     Minmin Luo Lab

    Jianjin Shi     Feng Shao Lab

    Dan Li     Jianhua Sui Lab

    Yubing Liu     Xiaochen Wang Lab

    Yuan Li     Xiaochen Wang Lab

    Dapeng Ju     Erquan Zhang Lab

    Yaling Wu     Erquan Zhang Lab

    HuanSun     Zhiyuan Zhang Lab

    Li Li Zhiyuan     Zhang Lab

    Yingfeng Li     Bing Zhu Lab